Your Price $27.14 Savings: 54.0% WAS $59.06

AJM Packaging Corporation

White Paper Plates, 9" Diameter, 100/Bag, 10 Bags/Carton


Uncoated paper plates.

AJM Packaging Corporation Paper Plates

Uncoated paper plates.


Pack/UOM: CT ()

Your Price $33.32 Savings: 39.1% WAS $54.68


Glass Cleaner, Sweet Scent, 18.5 oz. Aerosol Can, 12/Carton

Produces a long-lasting, truly clean surface.

Contains oil-cutting detergents, solvents and degreasers.

Leaves no streaky films or residues that can attract soils.

Heavy foam clinging action easily cleans away dirt, grime, grease, scum, smears, bugs and more.

Item Code: BWK341ACT

Pack/UOM: CT ()

Your Price $25.50 Savings: 74.4% WAS $99.59


Household Perforated Paper Towel Rolls, 2-Ply, White, 8 4/5" x 11", 85/Roll

Two-ply absorbency for general cleaning.

Embossed paper towel.

Two-ply perforated paper towel rolls.

Boardwalk® Household Perforated Paper Towel Rolls

Item Code: BWK6275

Pack/UOM: CT ()

Your Price $39.90 Savings: 61.9% WAS $104.70


1/4-Fold Lunch Napkins, 1-Ply, 13" x 11", White, 6000/Carton


Paper lunch napkins.


Boardwalk® Lunch Napkins

Item Code: BWK8310

Pack/UOM: CT ()

Your Price $32.89 Savings: 59.4% WAS $81.08


Low-Fold Dispenser Napkins, 1-Ply, 7" x 12", White, 8000/Carton

Perfect for all hosting occasions.

Paper dinner napkins.

Reliable performance at a value price.

Boardwalk® Paper Napkins

Item Code: BWK8316

Pack/UOM: CT ()

Your Price $112.60 Savings: 46.1% WAS $209.03


Angler Broom, Plastic Bristles, 53" Wood Handle, Yellow, 12/Carton

Angled broom with with flagged-tip plastic bristles.

Angled cut for sweeping corners, edges and under counters.

Lacquered wood handle with plastic angled shroud.

Big 13" sweeping surface with sturdy flagged-tip plastic bristles.

Item Code: BWK932ACT

Pack/UOM: CT ()

Your Price $48.00 Savings: 46.7% WAS $90.00


Premium Half-Fold Toilet Seat Covers, 250 Covers/Sleeve, 20 Sleeves/Carton

250 covers per sleeve.

Boardwalk® Premium Toilet Seat Covers

Half-fold covers fit all popular seat cover dispensers.

Premium half-fold toilet seat covers.

Item Code: BWKK5000

Pack/UOM: CT ()

Your Price $30.70 Savings: 58.7% WAS $74.32


Foam Drink Cups, 8oz, White, 25/Bag, 40 Bags/Carton

One-piece construction reduces chance of leaks.

Keeps beverages at proper serving temperature on inside and keeps hands comfortable on the outside.

Foam cups for hot and cold beverages.

Dart® Foam Drink Cups

Item Code: DCC8J8

Pack/UOM: CT ()

Your Price $298.83 Savings: 29.9% WAS $426.37


TRADITION Bagged Upright Vacuum, 7 Amp, 17.5 lb, Chrome/Red

Handy Features - Quick Kleen™ fan chamber lets you view, service and access the impeller fan for reduced maintenance time.

Easy to Maintain - Tool-free brushroll and belt replacement. Dual-zipper pull for quick 6.1 qt. bag replacement.

Productivity - A 50-foot cord allows for less downtime and quick, efficient cleaning.

Built to Last - Durable construction includes a chrome hood for tough environments.

Item Code: EURSC888K

Pack/UOM: EA ()

Your Price $25.74 Savings: 68.5% WAS $81.81


Hardwound Roll Towels, White, 8 x 350'

Fits standard dispensers.

Hardwound roll towels.

Smooth and absorbent.


Item Code: GEN1800

Pack/UOM: CT ()

Your Price $20.62 Savings: 64.1% WAS $57.40


Hardwound Roll Towels, 1-Ply, Brown, 8" x 300 ft, 12 Rolls/Carton

Fits standard dispensers.

GEN Hardwound Roll Towels


Hardwound roll towels.

Item Code: GEN1804

Pack/UOM: CT ()

Green ProductContains Recycled Material
Your Price $53.08 Savings: 68.7% WAS $169.43


Bath Tissue, 2-Ply, 500 Sheets/Roll, White, 96 Rolls/Carton

Two-ply paper toilet tissue.

Reliable and economical choice.

Absorbent, two-ply tissue.

GEN Bath Tissue

Item Code: GEN500

Pack/UOM: CT ()

Your Price $55.29 Savings: 25.0% WAS $73.72

Rubbermaid Commercial

Brute Caddy Bag, 12 Pockets, Yellow

Rubbermaid® Commercial Brute® Caddy Bag

Fits BRUTE 32- or 44-gallon trash cans.

Rubbermaid® Brute® Caddy Bag. Adjustable buckles and bottom strap—fits 32- or 44-gallon container (sold separately). Big elasticized pockets hold cans, bottles, tools, cleaning utensils.

Elasticized pockets hold your supplies.

Item Code: RCP264200YW

Pack/UOM: EA ()

Your Price $17.80 Savings: 25.0% WAS $23.74

Rubbermaid Commercial

Multilingual "Caution" Floor Sign, Plastic, 11 x 12 x 25, Bright Yellow

Rubbermaid® Commercial Multilingual "Caution" Floor Sign

Universal "Wet Floor" symbol plus caution imprinted on both sides in English, French, and Spanish.

Multilingual "Caution" floor sign.

2-sided sign is ideal for doorways and narrow spaces – ANSI- and OSHA compliant color and graphics.

Item Code: RCP611200YW

Pack/UOM: EA ()

Your Price $256.98 Savings: 25.0% WAS $342.64

Rubbermaid Commercial

Multi-Shelf Cleaning Cart, Three-Shelf, 20w x 45d x 38-1/4h, Black

Rubbermaid® Commercial Multi-Shelf Cleaning Cart

Features three smooth, easy-to-clean, lipped shelves.

Rubbermaid® Multi-Shelf Janitor Cart. 25-gallon vinyl bag attaches to handle. Three shelves for supplies, hooks for mops and brooms.

Zippered yellow bag is ideal for transporting refuse or launderable items.

Item Code: RCP617388BK

Pack/UOM: EA ()

Assembly Required
Your Price $98.85 Savings: 35.4% WAS $152.92

Rubbermaid Commercial

Wavebrake 35 Quart Bucket/Wringer Combinations, Yellow

Rubbermaid® Commercial WaveBrake® Bucket/Wringer Combos

Tested to exceed 40,000 wringing cycles.

Bucket/wringer combination.

Premium tubular steel and structural web molded plastic.

Item Code: RCP758088YW

Pack/UOM: EA ()